From the Sanskrit meaning to yoke, integrate, bring together, yoga harmonizes opposing energies; it resides in the space where strength yields to softness and softness conveys strength. The interplay of opposites is fundamental to the Thrive experience, where we engage the balance between levity and intensity of focus, humor and discipline, effort and ease.


Stretch. Sweat.


Music. Community.


Since 2003, Thrive has been cultivating a community of yogis of all levels. People are drawn to the authenticity they find here, the deep reverence for the practice of yoga balanced by humor, warmth, and the assurance of a humbling workout set to a great playlist. This is a studio where you’ll find people talking across their mats to eachother before class, and it might be hard to tell which ones are the old friends who have been practicing side by side for years, and which are the strangers who just met as they rolled out their mats. It’s a welcoming, accepting community forged through the challenge and focus of the practice; we are pulled together in the experience of getting close to the fire, stepping outside of ourselves, and then emerging, perhaps shaky, certainly sweaty, but revitalized and empowered, cheeks aglow.