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Vinyasa Flow 1

Vinyasa Flow 1 combines a dynamic sequence of challenging poses that emphasize stamina, breath control and mindfulness. This class builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength, and concentration. Sequencing is built around Sun Salutations. Appropriate for all levels.

Vinyasa Flow 2

This class is for those with an established and consistent yoga practice. Students must have a solid foundation of sun salutations and basic standing postures to participate. This power flow class will deepen your practice as well as your awareness of your physical and energetic body.

Vinyasa Flow 1-2

This class combines the accessibility of Vinyasa Flow 1 with the stamina-building challenge of Vinyasa Flow 2. While Vinyasa Flow 1-2 is not recommended for absolute beginners, sequencing and postures are not advanced – the challenge comes from pacing, layering and repetition.

Monster Flow

Monster Flow is a Friday night Vinyasa Flow 2 class that emphasizes movement, music, and sweat. In celebration of yoga and community, Monster Flow creates a space for students and teachers to practice together – instructors lead the class from their own mats, and simply call out the asanas and transitions. It's hot, it's sweaty, it's inspiring, and it's been a Thrive favorite for many years running. Not appropriate for students new to the practice. Taught by a rotating roster of Thrive instructors.

Sunday Revival

Sunday vinyasa flow to cleanse and recharge your body, re-ignite your mind, and re-inspire your soul. Praise be to the stretch. Praise be to the sweat. Akin to a Vinyasa Flow 1-2, this is a moderately challenging class and familiarity with sun salutations is suggested.

Lunar Flow

Beginning and ending with restorative postures to calm and quiet the body, this class offers a gentle vinyasa flow focused on moon salutations. Stretch, ground, and come back to your body. Emerge rejuvenated. This accessible Vinyasa Flow 1 class is great for those new to the practice, all levels welcome.

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