Summer yoga begins NOW.


Welcome back, summer!

Somewhere between the spring equinox and the summer solstice (where we sit this week, precisely), the new season starts to wink at us through the eyes of the mayflies, the branches of the baby redwoods, and the cool morning fog. But often, it seems, we fail to really savor summer until it’s almost over. So this year, we are paying close attention to this particular slice of the season — these sweet earliest breaths of summer.

Feel it coming, ease it on over. Join us, and bring your practice to summer’s emergence.

With love,
The Thrive Yoga Shala Teachers
(Lauren, Kelliann, Joao, Shannan, Hediyeh, Jessica and Zan)


A message from Shannan.

Sacred geometry ascribes symbolic and sacred meaning to certain geometric
shapes and certain geometric properties.

-Kepler’s Platonic Solid 1596

What I’ve been playing around with in my own practice recently is the invitation of integration. Integration grows out of harnessing our awareness of breath and movement: when we allow the breath to lead the movement and the movement to follow the breath as we move through practice, we create integration.

If we think of each asana within the context of sacred geometry, which exists in everything in the natural world, we can begin to see new significance within the postures, building a more meaningful foundation for understanding and approaching our asana practice.

The historical structure and relevance of each pose reflects the exact definition of sacred geometry: the symbolic and sacred meaning of the shapes into which we move our bodies. When we incorporate breath-led movement and movement leading to a pose that has its own meaning, we can begin to understand the structural design of each pose, the mathematical representations of the sacred that exist in nature all around us. It is with the understanding of sacred geometry and its relevance to our asana practice that we can bring our Drishti to that point of interception. The power of the energy that arises from the symbiosis of breath and movement and the sacred geometry of the pose will accelerate our practice exponentially.

Shannan is offering private and 2-person instruction on Fridays. If you or someone you love could benefit from some 1:1 time with her, please contact us for details.

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Yoga Every Morning.

The fog lifts outside, and we are gonna lift the fog on your insides. Every morning. All summer long.

Shannan - Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays @8:30am, and Sundays @9am

Kelliann - Tuesdays and Thursdays @8:30am

Hediyeh - Saturdays @9am

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Lōkāḥ samāsataḥ sukhīnō bhavantu!

May all beings be happy and free.
(yes, that includes you, dear one.)

Samantha Ares